About Bahar Tourism

In a world of ever-increasing fierce competition, education has gone through a rapid 

transition in two major directions: Transition from the traditional classroom setting to 

on-line courses and programs; and the increasing emphasis on the practical aspects of 



Bahar institute, founded in 2004, is the first Hospitality and Tourism Business School in 

Iran with emphasis on practical-knowledge based platform in the fields of hospitality and 


During the last 14 years Bahar Business School has honored hundreds of graduates in 

various programs all of which were designed based on the adopted principles to ensure 


Perception identically reflects what courses designed for.


Major programs which were lunched in Iran for the first time by Bahar Hospitality and 

Tourism Business School, under the accreditation of the Iranian Ministry of Science, 

Research and Technology:


- DBA in Hospitality Management

- DBA in Tourism

- MBA in Hospitality Management

- MBA in Tourism

- Mini MBA in Tourism Marketing

- Iranian Studies Practical Course


Offering programs targeting people who are willing to gain strong practical and 

academic knowledge and skills in the Hospitality and Tourism industry combine with real 

emulated case studies given an insight to their potentials, abilities and awakening hidden 



Bahar Business school has operated 65 MBA, 17 Hospitality & Tourism MBA and 7 

Hospitality & Tourism DBA programs with about 1000 graduates and many more from 

courses and international cooperative programs mostly in participation with European